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Finally adults are interested in colouring. 

This is the most exciting thing to happen to since the beginning in 2004! In fact I am so thrilled that artists everywhere are re-discovering the joy that is achieved by colouring in the pictures. Hi I'm the artist Barb Cederberg, and I am creating a collection called Fairy Stones!

A fantasa-licious pathway...just follow the fairy stones
to the beautiful portals of their homes,
and as you colour the magic grows
til you find your tranquil zone.
The fairy tales are everywhere
...through circles and doors
until your natural state is restored.


It will ultimately be published into a colouring book and available on Amazon.  However, in the meantime...

The collection is being introduced in sets of pages... some are digital downloads - very easy to access immediately, and are to be printed by you on any paper you wish.

Other sets of the colouring pages are available on wonderful 98lb multi-media paper.  These sets are exciting as there won't be any problem using markers and even acrylic paints and watercolour.  They can be delivered anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Will be expanding that delivery.  

So please explore the store and see what I have been creating.

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